New Year, New You: A Nutrition and Exercise Guide

Google: “how to _________” and you’ll see that the top three things that pop up are:

“How to lose belly fat.”

“How to lose weight.”

“How to lose fat.”

Of course, this is an epidemic in the United States. Most people want to lose weight, yet they don’t know exactly how to lose weight.  Even worse, there will be loads of “fitness experts” trying to take your money because they know you are vulnerable to the above questions and will only help you in a few different ways, not giving you all the information, and looking to sell you in all of the worst ways.  Why? Because they intend to retain you as a customer by not educating you.  Furthermore, the term “trainer” is so watered down in this industry that you never really know what you’re getting.

I’m here to change that. In this book, you’ll be educated.  You’ll be taught the right way.  You’ll be given all of the information you need to succeed in your nutrition and exercise.

What you will get: 

Nutrition guidance through education– you’ll learn how to program your own personal nutrition plan!

60 days of calculated, scientifically proven training sessions that cater to your personal level of fitness (beginner, intermediate, advanced levels– you choose!)

Scientifically researched methods that work for the lifespan, not just a “60 day fix”

What you won’t get: 

A mile long list of supplements to buy

Sweat waist bands, fat burners, or fit teas– that don’t actually work

Impossible workouts that will leave you using a cane for the next week!

This will all be catered to the individual. I want to see you WIN BIG this year and hit the goals you look to achieve! At Arete, we look to serve you and build a relationship with you, not just take your money and run.  Join us in a movement of educating individuals on the tried and true health and fitness practices that will not only change your physical appearance, but help you live a happier, healthier life!

New Year, New You! A Nutrition and Exercise Guide
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