Membership is our most common form of partnership with Arete. Membership gives you a few different workouts to choose from, rotated every 40 days to keep things from getting mundane. Enjoy the flexibility of all programs depending on what you’re feeling that day!

Arete Strength is our most common program in membership.  Arete Strength will help you break plateaus in the weight room, build lean muscle, and push you to the edge every day.  People who are interested in Arete Strength generally have at least a year of experience in the weight room and/or resistance training in general.  Through the TrainHeroic App, you’re able to not only access all your workouts, but track your progress daily to ensure you’re busting new PR’s weekly.


Arete Dumbbell is a program meant for anyone looking to get a quick, effective training session in with the use of dumbbells exclusively.  Many times, especially during the “New Years Resolution” point of the year, racks and benches may be full due to excess people at the gym.  With Arete DB, you’ll be able to grab a pair of dumbbells at the gym or at home and still get a quick, effective training session in!


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