“One thing I can tell you is
that Grant is extremely
passionate about athletes
and their development. Daily
he arrived before everyone
to make sure everything was
set and ready so we could
have an optimal training
experience. He’s not just a
great coach, but an even
better person to be around!”

Brian Jackson, Former NFL Safety/Cornerback

“I’ve known Grant for roughly 3 years now as a coach and as a friend. What I love about him is that he truly cares about ALL the athletes he trains, even if they are an athlete with another coach on a day to day basis. He will be sure to program around the athletes he has and what they are capable of, but still push them to their personal limits. He’s an awesome motivator and coach, I would run through a brick wall for this guy!”

Clayton Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Tight End

“During my time working with Grant, I gained a ton of strength and explosiveness.”

Jimmy McElwain, Division II Relief Pitcher

“When I trained with Grant, I not only got more explosive and stronger, but I also learned valuable leadership skills that has helped me on and off the field.”

Maddie Noecker, Class A All-State Softball

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